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Limited-Edition Saguaro Pool Print Launch by Norma Studio


Join us for the launch of Norma’s limited-edition Saguaro Pool print. Norma is a Los Angeles-based design endeavor that creates objects, furniture, and interiors. The studio is best-known for its modular shelving/seating systems and Pools print series; examples of Norma's output have been exhibited at the Geffen MOCA / LA Art Book Fair, SF Art Book Fair, and as part of the Breakfast Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennial.

Prizing modernism's material candor and distillation of form, Norma will continue its exploration of Southern California's bathing culture by collaborating with the Saguaro Hotel on a limited-edition print of the infamous Saguaro pool. Please join us poolside to admire the print and toast with Norma’s own signature cocktail.